Saturday, September 12, 2009

Early September Harvest

I harvested a number of pears from the kiln recently. I made them saltiers – closed forms with a funnel in the bottom that you can pour salt (or cinnamon-sugar, or pepper…) into. The salt goes into the sides of the form, and when you shake it up and down, some of the salt comes through the small hole in the top of the funnel and through the larger hole in the very bottom. Above, Shenandoah clay with Pumpkin glaze and Black Lapis on the stem. Below, Miller 266 (a black clay) with Bermuda Green and Ginger Spice.

Below is Agate glaze with Golden Matte on the stem on Miller 266.
Below, Ginger Spice with Black Lapis on the stem (on Miller 266).

Below is an experimental squash. Miller 266 clay with Pumpkin (notice how very different this glaze comes out on the different clays!), Golden Luster on the lines down the sides, and Golden Matte on the stem.

I made two matching canisters with the Shenandoah clay, and glazed them both with Satin White and Lido Satin glazes. One is slightly taller, and the other is slightly wider… sort of a his and hers pair.

The last fruit in this harvest is a bellied out mug made using JB Speck clay. I used Pumpkin glaze (again, it comes out different than the other two, though similar to the first pear, just with the added specks showing through), and Black Lapis on the rim. It reminds me of cheetah spots.

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everyeskimo said...

the agate glaze is my favorite! perfectly moody.

oh - and thanks so much for including me in your etsy favorites! what a sweet surprise.