Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall Flames

While I was off gathering inspiration and questing for treasures at the local craft fair with my mom today, New Dominion Blues was burning up the web. My damask pattern Copper Leaf Slate Coasters made it to the Etsy front page this morning. I must say I admire all of the items I am grouped with; Etsy staff does a great job with picking items for these front page compositions. (Sometimes the front page assortments are done by Etsy users, other times they are pulled together by Etsy staff. It seems that I am picked more often by the staff.)
My Copper Leaf Tile Backsplash was also featured at the Home Workshop blog. I really admire the blog and encourage you to check it out. Lots of inspiration! I'll be checking back in regularly to see what else they post.

Meanwhile, I sold the medium backsplash and the ball and claw bitters bottles today. New Dominion Blues was on fire today! I'll be burning the candle at both ends late tonight and tomorrow to replenish the shop.