Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Questing Beast

I am sure that I am not the only one among us who often embarks on adventures, hoping to happen upon that elusive find. It has been a while since I had a satisfying Quest, but this last weekend my mom and I set forth and traveled afar in pursuit of bounty. We were well prepared for our mission, laden with picnical nourishment. It was a wonderful day for a picnic, and a picnical day for a lark. As you can see above, I was quite successful in the hunt.
We headed out early, driving south on Route 29 towards Ruckersville, Virginia, which is just south of Charlottesville. (Charlottesville is home to a particular Virginia University, and though my loyalties lie elsewhere in the state, I can admit that their institution is not without worth.) Our destination was the intersection of routes 29 and 33. Our first stop was the Greene House Shops Antique Mall (14843 Spotswood Trail, Ruckersville, VA 22968. 434-985-2438). I can give the establishment two thumbs up for variety, prices and ease of navigation. I found a ton of items, and nearly left with an antique ironing board. Our next stop was across the intersection, to a row of shops. We started at the far end, with a shop called Backwoods Antiques (14936 Spotswood Trail, Ruckersville, VA 22968. 434 990-4232‎). It held some potential for some diamonds in the rough, if you didn't mind searching amongst some fewments... I didn't find anything that called to me, but my mom bought a little something. When she asked for a bag, she was reluctantly given a bag from a trash can, complete with bloody tissues and other unmentionables, which we discovered when we returned home. (I pondered whether I should include that bit, but I figure if you're going to pull that kind of stunt in this day and age, you'd better be ready for it to hit the interwebs.)
The next stop was the shop nextdoor, Rambling Rose Antiques. (14926 Spotswood Trail, Ruckersville, VA 22968-3033. 434 985-2932‎) I had better success here, most notably several wood and metal pulleys with great charm. The photo above is taken from the intersection towards this row of shops. The nearest shop was our next stop, and as you walk down the sidewalk you approach Rambling Rose and Backwoods.
I found armloads of goods at the Country Store Antique Mall (14918 Spotswood Trail, Ruckersville, VA 22968. 434 985-3649‎). This was where I fulfilled my obligation of finding the heaviest, most awkward to carry items. The store is pretty big, and very full with a pretty good selection, but we happened to be there at the same time as every other shopper in the Greater Ruckersville Area, so navigating through some narrow spots and between oblivious customers was frustrating at times. But I wouldn't hold that against the establishment. A note to anyone considering a visit, they only take cash or check.
Our next stop was the Antiquers Mall (8287 Seminole TrailRuckersville, Virginia 22968. 434 985-1977) It's a bit down the road from the intersection we had been prowling, and you'll know it when you see the giant statues and yard art out front. (Hence the bull above.) This shop had the widest aisles, making navigation easier, which was especially useful because I picked up a long wooden yoke pretty early on. The range of items catered a little higher class than I typically shop - I like to find the junk and clean it up myself, and nicer antiques are not likely to withstand the daily stampedes at my house. But I found plenty of pieces nonetheless. Our last stop was Cattail Creek Antique and Garden, which was on our way home, just north of the intersection. (9157 Seminole Trail, Ruckersville, VA 22968-3320. 434 990-0090‎) It's a nursery and an antique/gift shop. I was hoping they would have a fiddle leaf fig tree, but alas they were sold out. Next time... The plants looked fabulous, the setting is amazing, and the shop is charming. I would call it less of an antique shop than a gift shop, but it is very well curated and pairs very nicely with the garden theme.
But you want to see more of the bounty, right? I will relent and show you some closer shots of my spoils (or tower of junk, as my husband called it).
Having been to the antiques cluster of Ruckersville, Virginia, I can say that I will not have been there just Once, but will Quest there again in the Future.
But I may allow myself some time to rest, because Questing is a tiring business.


threeoldkeys said...

It was a memorable Once and Future PlayDate.

Are you available to come and arrange my Tower of Junk?

Mags said...

What great finds! I am seriously jealous. I have only been to some pretty lame garage sales lately.

Liane said...

man alive! that's some good junk. are you selling the messenger bag?

NewDominionBlues said...

3OK - I am always available to arrange junk!
Mags - Garage sales are so hit or miss. You never know what you might find, and it could be *really* good, or *really* lame.
Liane - I do think I'll put the messenger bag in the shop, but I wouldn't be surprised if a few items never make it there. ;)

Fallon said...

Is that an English Mastiff? Cute pup!

NewDominionBlues said...

Fallon - yes! He is an English Mastiff! And he can be yours! I will even pay you to take him! ;)