Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shelving It

Now that I'm trying to step up throwing pottery at home, I have found that I need more shelves. I've been setting pots all over the place to dry, covering all my work surfaces. I also need some metal shelves to set up near the kiln, for pots that are waiting to go in/have just come out. The other day I saw a mention of the Ikea Hyllis shelves, and they seemed like just the thing I needed for both problems. So off I went to Ikea after work, and after a lot of wandering and looking through the displays, and then wandering and less happily looking through the warehouse aisles, I found the shelves (not where the piece upstairs had directed me, nor where the internet had directed me). But I digress. At $15 a bookshelf, I believe these galvanized steel shelves were worth the hassle. And once I found the bigger Phillips head screwdriver to actually grip the screws, it wasn't that hard to put together. I have two in the studio now, and I'll put the shelves in the garage together soon. I will post pictures later, but in the meantime, here are a few I found on the interwebs. This picture appears to be from a catalog. I like all the pots and plants and books.
I found this one on Flickr.
Another Flickr find. I had to include this Ikea hack, too. Greenhouse shelves.
I already have a number of pots drying on the shelves in the studio, and I can see my wedging table and craft table again. Yay for little victories!


Amanda said...

I am loving the metal look of these shelfs.

( everyeskimo ) said...

you're a genius. i was just contemplating a few of these for storing all the shop treasures! you recommend, yes? sturdy enough?

{ i wish i could say i only bought vintage, but i do love ikea. }

threeoldkeys said...

are they strong enough for books or stacks of magazines in boxes?

i admire your constant progress.

NewDominionBlues said...

They're pretty sturdy. I have them on my slate tile, which isn't perfectly level, so I'll have to put something under some of the feet. But thus far I'm pretty impressed. The Ikea site says the maximum load/shelf is 55 lb. That's plenty of magazines.

AZCreativeStudio said...

Great shelves! I need some too for my office.