Thursday, May 20, 2010

In Situ: Studio

Some recent shots of the studio - not cleaned up, clay everywhere. Inspiration board, bulletin board, letterpress trays, vintage T square. It's interesting to see the evolution of what winds up tacked to the boards over time. Above the utility sink, calipers as paper towel holder. Clock, chalkboard, gourd owl, raku bowl, shadow boxes, one of my first pottery pieces, a tiny mason jar, plant, remote controls. Plants by the window and a salt lamp. The plant is growing through a rake, and you can see my (paternal) grandfather's fishing poles in the corner.
My (maternal) grandfather created things to serve a specific purpose or solve a problem. This contraption was a remote control holder (I think). It's made from scrap pieces of wood and trim that he used for his many projects. The remote controls would lay on the flat area, and I'm sure every other slot coordinated with something he wanted to keep near the arm chair.
I think the paperclip on the side held a piece of paper, probably a list of channels. I use the contraption for pens in the studio. I also keep his plumb line handy.
Technology and plants. Succulent closeup.

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Mags said...

wow what a great studio! I love the inspiration all around, must be a lovely place to create.