Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tea Party

Today I am inspired to have a tea party. We can call it an unbirthday party, since it's certainly not my birthday. But it's *someone's* birthday, right? (A Merry Unbirthday by ahappyending.) We will need a very fancy teapot, like this silverplated one from AestheticsAndOldLace. We will also need a selection of tea cups for our attendees. I like this Very Merry Unbirthday Teacup from rottencupcakes. This ginko teacup comes complete with a matching saucer. I found it at soule. This set from hodgepodge arts has a cup, saucer, and spoon. This teacup and saucer from khphillips is discounted (!), but I think its offkilter posture would be perfect for our mad tea party. The mice can use this tiny forged tea cup and saucer from Jewelstreet. We can use this creamer from monkeysalwayslook.
And this sugar bowl from annabelleestudios will be just perfect.
We will need a tea spoon for all the sugar we'll be adding to our tea, it is a party afterall. This one is from VadimM.
GlazedOver provides us with little bowls for our spent tea bags.
We may need a few tea towels in case we find ourselves getting a little rowdy. This flour sack towel from thehouseofbouton will do the trick.
Jewelweeds offers this lovely linen maple seed tea towel, which we will certainly put to good use as well.
So, a Very Merry UnBirthday to everyone, excepting those for whom it IS their Birthday!


jewelstreet said...

What a lovely tea party! I adore tea cups and never have a matched set. I like it better that way.

Thanks for including my tea cup at your party.

monkeys always look said...

What a great collection!! Makes me want to shop for a moment and have some tea!

NewDominionBlues said...

It's 2:15 now, how about everyone comes to my place at 3, Eastern Time?

( everyeskimo ) said...

i'm coming for tea! and biscuits and tarts and all those fancy pants things!

the puppies want to come too, and they've promised to keep their wet noses out of the teapot.

glazedOver said...

Oh man, it's now 5:30 EST! I'm two and a half hours late but I wanna come too...you guys still there?

Great post! So clever.

TheHouseofBouton said...

Thanks for inviting me to this tea party! What a cool grouping of treasures!

NewDominionBlues said...

The tea party is always on. No appointments necessary, walk-ins welcome!

threeoldkeys said...

i love all your finds. what a cheerful post.

could i be the mad hatter?