Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Study of the Home Library

During yesterday's President's Day holiday, I spent a good part of the day organizing our home ofice. We call it the study, but it could also be called a library, I suppose. I haven't quite finished, so it isn't ready for photos, but I was inspired to look for great home offices. So between now and when I can take some pictures (to finish organizing and to wait for some light during the hours I'm home), feast your eyes on these rooms. I love the view and the shelves in this room.

Great wall decor above.

Rustic and simple, and another great view. These shelves are similar to mine, both in form and the many non-book items scattered about.

Speaking of non-books on the shelves... I doubt I could cram the mastiff into any of our shelves.
Sheer luxury, right? Space, lots of shelves, plenty of comfortable seating.
I doubt I could ever exercise the restraint necessary for a single item on a shelf, but it does elevate each piece, doesn't it?
Functional and utilitarian.
Another luxurious study with a wall of shelves, lounging chair, and a great rug.
This home office has Office Depot furniture, but I found it appealing. (Perhaps that praise is too faint. The desk very much reminds me of the current desk in our study. We inherited it from the previous owners, but someday I want a lovelier one.)
More like this desk. I want a beautiful, large expanse of workspace, and accommodating two chairs on either side. I love the rug, too.
Talk about accommodating plenty of people. Great shelves here, too, and beams on the ceiling. And a fireplace?!
But small can be lovely, too. I love a desk that can close and hide your mess. And live plants are always great.
Another well-organized, charming desk.
Big room, small desk. Beautiful from tray ceiling to hardwood floors.
I love library ladders, and this room is so warm.
Another library ladder, though it's at a university. I couldn't resist.
A handsome library in Manchester.
This image of shelving and a ladder is from an abandoned school. I can't believe someone hasn't broken in and stolen it all. If you've enjoyed this selection, I encourage you to pop over to everyeskimo, where she has a collection of desks. I often find that she and I are on similar wavelengths, and today is another instance.

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( everyeskimo ) said...

oh my god that abandoned school! it's so, so amazing. and creepy. i love that you and i posted about desks & offices at the same time.

now, are you sure we can't cram a mastiff onto a shelf? i'm willing to try with a french bulldog or a german shepherd...