Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"New"found Shop

Today I rediscovered an Etsy shop that I had taken note of in December: twoartdirectors. This shop opened in December 2009, but I hesitate to call it "new" because they already have 87 sales. As you can probably guess from the shop name, this shop is very well curated. The shop banner says it all: well edited home The full shop name is Two Art Directors and a Photographer. And let me tell you, their photos are enough to make me want to buy their entire shop and hire the owners to personally escort me when shopping for my own home.
Part of what makes the shop so pleasing is the monochromatic color palette.
As I said above, I am "rediscovering" this shop. In browsing their sold items, I noticed that I had already fallen in love with their rhinoceros bookends, and even written a post expressing my grief that they had sold.
I've run out of words to express my adoration, so I will leave you with a few more of their items to feast upon.
Fantastic, right? Be sure to go check them out.

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