Monday, February 8, 2010

Nesting With Pottery Barn

In the midst of Snopocalypse (yes, again), and in between trying to keep warm, shovel snow, and fight off a nasty bug, I've been trying to dig my way through the pile of catalogs that have accumulated. And of course, the Pottery Barn catalog was full of things that struck me as entirely Etsy-able. The theme of the February 2010 catalog is nesting at home, with accompanying birds, eggs, and other avian accoutrements. This theme is of course excellent marketing, because we are all yearning for warmer weather; the reappearance of songbirds building nests is one of the unmistakable markers for the emergence of Spring. Speckled eggs as decor are a natural touch to perk up your table's centerpiece or a small nook that needs brightening. Stone is a beautiful material for replicating the natural variations in the surface of an egg. The pair of vintage marble eggs above comes from yesstreen. I think the dark and light eggs transcend just Spring decor, and would look great all year. The two vintage alabaster eggs above are from dragonflyonbrady's shop. I would tuck them into a bowl or vase. CoolVintage has this lovely vintage malachite egg ornament. Its earthy green color take this egg way beyond the short-lived easter egg tree. Of course you can't have eggs without a nest. Note that the Pottery Barn stylists included feathers in the image above. LittleRetreats offers us this sweet little nest with quail eggs. I have such a soft spot for speckles. A nest and eggs in a teacup is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Find it at prettysimpleshoppe. I found this set of three felted nesting bowls with felted eggs at salinascraftroom. These little guys bring some texture into your decor. Pottery Barn's bird canvas wall art is inspired by vintage illustrations of birds. Finding actual vintage illustrations of birds and eggs on Etsy doesn't take long. (Including my shop.) The Audubon Society produced many bird illustrations, but not all of them are as colorful and dynamic as this band tailed pigeon print from AestheticsAndOldLace. I love the variation in speckles in this great vintage print of woodcock and coot eggs from PetitPoulailler. This great vintage print of eggs of American birds is from iowajewel. I always love when there are labels and a legend! These embroidered bird pillows from Pottery Barn are so handsome they're on the cover of the catalog. When I searched for bird embroidery on Etsy, I had no idea that I would find so many sweet items. I cannot get enough of this curious bird on branch pillow from coralandtusk. I love the colors and the precious tilt of the head in the bird's posture.
The color and craftsmanship in this piece with embroidered birds on silk is exquisite. Find it at vintagebellachic.
HAREandDRUM has this sweet hand embroidered swallow. Can't you see it perched on your wall?
This hand embroidered king fisher from fauxbrit13 has a personal message written on the back, the way only a vintage piece can carry.
This hand embroidered bird study from raccooncatcreations marries vintage fabric with handmade art.
Pottery Barn offers many bird pillows, table runners, rugs, even guest towels with their current theme. Etsy doesn't disappoint in this department, either.
TheShabbyChicCottage has these little teatowels with handpainted birds on a branch. The cherry on top? They're flour sack material.
This towel from artgoodies has a block printed nest with eggs. I know this would be a lovely addition to my kitchen, though I wouldn't have the heart to use it for the messier tasks. The Pottery Barn theme extends beyond the feathers and eggs and goes to bird cages. The piece immediately above is a gigantic three-gable birdhouse.
This bamboo birdcage from pinguim would make a lovely addition to your home with all of its architectural interest.
This vintage birdcage from lisabretrostyle2 has great form, and look at the door!
As always, Pottery Barn provides inspiration and Etsy offers handmade and vintage alternatives. I find that whatever the decor trends may be, Etsy sellers are already at the bleeding edge of the trends in creative decor. The image above is a bulletin board from Pottery Barn. Is anyone else reminded of the coffee sack inspiration boards from designsmayamade? I would be remiss if I didn't mention that she also currently has several birds for sale. As I said, handmade at the forefront!


artsfarm said...

I agree, it's a welcome theme and you've presented it so well! Beautiful examples; I love the little embroidered bird on a branch, the malachite egg and so much more. Many thanks for including my Audubon print in this wonderful collection!


Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Wow...what a great post!! The unique and handmade items on Etsy are so much more the "way to go" than Pottery Barn. You illustrate that very well!

deb said...

This is such a fun post! I can't even pick a favorite. I love everything.

Thanks too, for sharing the links to the etsy sellers (including my bird nest teacup!). It's great to see such wonderful etsy finds all in one post.

This was like a breath of Spring in the midst of a *snow* day. :)

NewDominionBlues said...

I'm so glad you guys love the theme as much as I did. And Lisa's right, Etsy is always the way to go. :)

fauxbrit13 said...

Hello from the sunny UK!

Thank you for including my King Fisher embroidery in your post. All the pieces you used to illustrate your blog are SENSATIONAL! I appreciate your selection of mine in this beautiful grouping!



threeoldkeys said...

I love that you have a soft spot for speckles.

Lion said...

Lovely images, hope you don't mind I've mentioned you on my blog -

NewDominionBlues said...

Keys: Freckles, too!

Lion: I don't mind at all! Thanks so much! You have a great blog. :)

PetitPoulailler said...

How did I miss this??! I luurve birds and nests and freckled eggs! Great post and terrific colors ... I'm so pleased to find my paper here xo