Monday, April 27, 2009

London Calling

On Wednesday, we leave for Paris. After several days there, we plan to head over to London for a few days. Having only Niagra Falls in my international experience, I am quite excited to see what the UK has to offer.
I am sure we will fly around London, trying to see as much as we can within the few days.
As a government nerd, seeing Parliament would be extra interesting.
There will be so many sights to see...
And libations to experience!
The sights will not end when the sun goes down, I assure you.
And though we will begrudgingly head to our hotel room, our heavy heads will be dreaming of all the days' sights as they hit the pillow.
(All items can be purchased on Etsy - click on the image to be sent to the item listing.)


Sarah Katherine Gray Art said...

Thank you so much for putting my Mixed Media Painting on your blog! It was really a great mood booster!

angie said...

Hi, Tracy :-)

Thank you for including my photo in your blog post. You'll love London! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.


hint_of_lime said...

thanks for showing my picture on here.

london is great.
its beautiful.
have fun!


ness lockyer said...

Ooooh!! Thanks for showing my pillow. You will love London...and Paris!
Ness xx

Sue Furrow said...

You always have such interesting blog posts!! And you must spend hours looking up stuff on etsy. You need this well deserved break. Enjoy your travels!!