Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marvelous Mosaics

When I first learned about Etsy, I did some searches and went crazy marking items as favorites. Alas, many of those items have since sold, or worse, expired/been removed by the shop owner. I say worse because it means I can't go back and look at them. But I do go through and gaze at my favorites, because I find them inspiring. One of the themes I have noticed in my favorites is a predilection for mosaics. I will share some of those favorites, plus a number of others I found in a search this evening. These giraffes may have been what triggered my realization that Etsy was incredibly, unbelievably cool. Mirrored peacock. Wow.
Metal on wood!
I think what I like the most about mosaics is the use of color and shapes to create lines. This dancer mosaic is an excellent example.
So Van Gogh.
My new all time favorite mosaic ever. Simply incredible.
Feel free to browse my favorites for the seller information on these... but if you buy the peacocks or the giraffes, I may have to track you down.

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Sue Furrow said...

This is a wonderful collection of mosaics. I,too, love mosaics. I've been collecting various bits of china & glass for a couple yrs. to play with making a mosaic. It will be a while yet. Enjoyed your post.