Monday, April 20, 2009

Gray, Grey, Whatsa Matter?

When they were growing up, my uncle would say (or maybe he once said) to my mother, "gray, gray, whatsa matter?" My mother remembered it, and it became something I remember from my childhood. I love the color gray, though I prefer the English spelling, grey. A search on both spellings reveals a number of perfect home furnishings from the artists on Etsy's DesignStyleGuide team. I covet this hand knitted pillow by handknittedthings. AnikaEaster has this beautiful bird on a wire, made from wood and a guitar string, and calls it Alone Time. I love the trellis design on this pillow from decorativeinstincts. Gary Heller's photography is always incredible, from the subjects he chooses to the composition and quality of the photos, and this shack is no exception.

This raku piece by foxpots has such soft gray that works so well with the crackle texture.

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