Thursday, April 9, 2009

Perfection from Provence

SueFurrow, fellow Design Style Guide member (from Virginia!) and artist featured in my last posting, shared Postcard from Provence with me. I am nearly speechless. This artist paints from France, and his ability to capture the life in a still life is incredible. You can bid on his more recent paintings, and he has limited prints available as well. I attempted painting with oils once, and while I had moderate success for a first timer, I certainly gained an appreciation for the difficulty of the medium. The gold rim on the plate in this painting enthralls me.
Reflections and refractions in glass also intrigue me, though he makes it seem simple to represent with this jar of daffodils.

The reflections of tulips and light in this silver goblet are exquisite.

The texture of this egg is perfect. And when in France, I will certainly look for white asparagus like these, as suggested by Sue.

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Sue Furrow said...

Wow, You really know how to throw a post together! His work shows up so much better on your blog-must be the background. I'm happy you liked that link. Best wishes, Sue