Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pottery Progress

I thought I would show some of my pottery progress since it's been a few months since I posted my original works of art from my first class. This is the first closed form I was able to finish. I think it turned out pretty cute. It's maybe 3 or 4 inches high. The glaze is Ellen's blue. This is a shallow bowl with two stamps on the interior. I applied some wax resist to the stamps, and I glazed it smoky brown. This is a detail of one of the stamps. Here is another bowl with stamps - this time on the exterior. Again, I wax resisted the stamped areas. This glaze is Neal's blue. This is a smaller bowl with a stamp in the bottom. I applied wax resist to the stamp, and glazed it antique blue. I think this stamp turned out the best, despite its location, because the glaze on this one is thinner than the others. This is my first pitcher. I stamped the bottom of the handle, too. The glaze is Ellen's blue. One side turned out darker than the other, perhaps because some of the glaze particles settled while I was waiting for the first dipped side to dry enough to dip the other side. I think it adds some character to the pitcher.

All of the clay for these is warm brown. Fran, one of the co-owners of Manassas Clay, ordered me a wheel this week. I am super excited about it. I just have to finish the tile in the studio, and I'll be ready to set it up. She was worried I would quit taking her class, but I assured her that I still don't know what I am doing - I need the teaching - but I want to be able to practice more than I have been with their facility across the county.

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loneweever said...

Awww yeah .... it's so good to watch someone's dream of learning a craft as it's developing into reality. These are beautiful. And good pics, too -- i want to reach in and touch the pieces.

Bring on the floor tile, and the Wheel!