Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shelter and The Sheltered

I got a puppy from the animal shelter today. I thought I would write about decorating with pets in the household. I have had a dog since my last year of college. The new puppy today is my fourth dog since that time. Two passed away and we still have a mastiff. Mastiffs are known for their drooling, which can present an interesting decor dilemma. Mastiff owners generally become resigned to having drool towels around their household, so that they can wipe their dogs' faces as needed. I decided that didn't mean we had to have ratty old towels in every room. This picture is from our old house, but I still have the glass container with a variety of earth-toned washcloths rolled up and at the ready. I have also used hooks on the wall to keep washcloths handy, although if you have a mischievous dog (like my mastiff), they should be attached to the wall higher than easy snatching height. I am also a believer in hard floors (whether it is hardwood, laminate or tile). Carpet is so easily dirtied and stained, and it sure captures dog hair. Eggshell paint is a perfect combination of wipe-able and not too glossy. Easy to wipe clean for when you miss that stray slinger that becomes attached to the wall... I did a search on the Design Style Guide page and found a number of items appropriate for pet-friendly homes. I'll be needing one cookie jar per room now that I'm back to a two-dog household (by sheaclay). Who could resist a custom portrait of their very own Rowdy Rover?
Custom Pet Portrait Pillows
From: Bonnie Fowler
See'>http://www.designstyleguide.net/listingDetails.php?li=1693">See Product Details
Sellers'>http://www.designstyleguide.net/sellerPortfolio.php?mi=494">Sellers Portfolio
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Another doggone cool pillow.
Plush Paws !4 inch Chestnut and Cream Pillow
From: Mi Casa Bella
See'>http://www.designstyleguide.net/listingDetails.php?li=1382">See Product Details
Sellers'>http://www.designstyleguide.net/sellerPortfolio.php?mi=464">Sellers Portfolio
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Where to put the leashes? Ah, here!
Red Bones Leash Hook
From: Jakey BB Uniquely Handcrafted Doggie Beds & Accessories
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Sellers'>http://www.designstyleguide.net/sellerPortfolio.php?mi=119">Sellers Portfolio
www.jakeybb.etsy.com">Sellers Website
For the dainty, pampered canine (mine are not).
"Je t'aime" Hand painted Doggie Bed
From: Jakey BB Uniquely Handcrafted Doggie Beds & Accessories
See'>http://www.designstyleguide.net/listingDetails.php?li=438">See Product Details
Sellers'>http://www.designstyleguide.net/sellerPortfolio.php?mi=119">Sellers Portfolio
www.jakeybb.etsy.com">Sellers Website
The origin of my stone coasters is rooted in my love of dogs. My mastiff is mischievous and will steal any number of things, hoping to be chased. Coasters are typically light items that are left on end tables and coffee tables, right at snout level for him. One day it ocurred to me that he might not steal big heavy stone coasters....
Slate Coasters and Trivet Set
From: New Dominion Blues Studios
See'>http://www.designstyleguide.net/listingDetails.php?li=1166">See Product Details
Sellers'>http://www.designstyleguide.net/sellerPortfolio.php?mi=312">Sellers Portfolio
http://www.newdominionblues.etsy.com">Sellers Website
I was right.
Perhaps this is a rationalization, but I don't think I will ever have a sparklingly clean home that is ready to be featured in a shelter magazine at any moment. And for the most part, that's okay with me because I think a home should be lived in. And what is life without companionship? And what more companionship could one ever want than that provided by a dog? So when I post pictures of my home, you're likely to see stray dog toys on the floor, a tail sticking out of the corner, or a canine model showing off how the new paint compliments her shiny coat. Because to me, that is living well.
Here's to living well with the new pup.

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loneweever said...

"Shelter magazine" .... so that's what a shelter magazine is. It's not about home design, it's about home design for living with rescued dogs.

Cute dog. You should name her Folly.