Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today I learned about one of the coolest applications in third party software development for Etsy. I am a regular user of Craftcult and Craftopolis, and those are also very useful. But ColorMatch is useful in a different way - the other two are very seller oriented - but ColorMatch is fun on many levels. You upload a jpeg, enter keywords if you like, and then the ColorMatch software finds items listed on Etsy that are of the same hues found in your image. Let's use this batter bowl planter I have for sale as a sample image:
This is what ColorMatch produced:
If you click on any of the hues below the paintbrush, it gives you listings from within that colorway. This is the blue in from the middle of the first row:
The ColorMatch application is great for finding items for a treasury, though getting a treasury slot is equal parts competitive and luck, so I've never been able to curate one. The developer of ColorMatch also has a sweet vintage shop and a fun blog. And let's admit, while the application is great and the items in the shop are covetable, the web design is really, really great. So great it makes me want to spend time on their site. And that is cool.

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