Friday, May 22, 2009


Other than dogs, who are much better as pets, my favorite animal is the rhinoceros. My fascination with rhinos started in early high school, when I read an absurdist play called Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco. In it, people turn into rhinoceroses; indeed, everyone except the protagonist becomes a rhinoceros. One of the themes of the work is conformity, which interested me greatly as a teenager. But I also came to love the potential of the animal separate from the theatrical - they are visually interesting, and have a personality I admire. I also collect rhinos; I have found that they are a good animal to collect, because they are much less commonly found than more popular collector's items (cows, elephants, etc.). At last count, I have approximately 50 rhinos in my office. They range from plush to sculptures, carved stone to an antique book illustration. While in France, I saw some lovely rhinoceros sculptures, and posters for performances of other works by Ionesco.
Rhino in front of the D'Orsay museum: Rhino fighting lions in the Tuileries:
How much is that rhino in the window? (Sale price was available upon request. I figured if I had to ask, I couldn't afford it.)
Even a rhino sign.
I've done some browsing on Etsy, and it appears that there are a lot of rhinoceros items. It seems that my fellow artists have also noticed how they lend themselves to artistic renditions. I may have to buy this pillow from ErnstandThistle, I can see it sitting on the guest chair in my office...
beautifulkitty has a lovely watercolor.
hongisto24 has a great etching with a rhino silhouette.
justfolding has rhinoceros origami - I don't have one of these yet!
MudstoneStudios has a great ceramic rhino sculpture. I may try my hand at making a rhino one day.
Check out the color in this watercolor by bikermommat.
I love this drawing of an adult and a baby rhinoceros by CarlaKurtArt. My favorite part is the way the light plays on their skin.
I have a thing for birds on rhinoceroses, depicted here by wildthingsart...
and hilariously here by jamesillustrated...
I definitely don't have anything like this wire sculpture by sugarsusan in my collection.
Did you know that the term for a group of rhinos is a "crash?" What could be more fitting?! I have coveted this card by smackofjellyfish since I joined Etsy over a year ago. When I buy it, I will frame it.
This piece by pixiecampbell reminds me of the rhinos pounding the pavement in Ionesco's play.
I think I need to own this Indian coin by petsalad.
marvelousa's girl phoning the rhinoceros cracks me up.
I love this drawing by kerrylemon. It really shows the armor-like quality of their skin. I like the seriousness and silliness of this rhino with a rose by jennybrug.
Such a stately rhinoceros by eringopaint.
I found these cardboard rhinos by cj8n in the Etsy Gift Guide for coworkers. Both are must-haves.
And finally, a rhino with a cool background befitting the coolest animal on the planet, by arawlins.

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