Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paris Finds

While in Paris, I managed to buy some things to remember my trip and decorate my home. These are a few of my acquisitions.
I really loved this ceramic onion jar. Even better, it was only a few euro. I may not actually use it in the kitchen for onions; 1) I already have a fantastic onion and garlic storage system, courtesy of my mom, and 2) wouldn't this be a really cool place to keep pottery sponges? It even has holes to let them dry out in between pottery sessions. I bought the large type G printer's block since I have been meaning to get one that reflects my married name. The other two printers blocks will be great for use in my pottery studio.
This piece can be used as a bud vase or for keeping spices on the table. I loved how it had glass that looked like test tubes, and how the top is secured with a wooden stick.
I bought this frame and these knobs at what appeared to be a French version of Pottery Barn. I am always drawn to anything blue, and I love the colors that the shells reflect. I am sure I will find a good use for the knobs, whether it is on a piece of furniture, or on a creation for my Etsy shop.
I also bought some jewelry, some beads and upholstery trim, and several watercolors. I found one of the watercolors in one of the shops in an antique market - it had been painted in the 1930s or 40s. The others I bought from street artists. I brought them all to a framer, and I'll post pictures when I get them, which should be soon.


Sue Furrow said...

Wow-I love that bud vase thingy! and the knobs are gorgeous! We have similar tastes. I bought 3 etchings over - still not framed.

loneweever said...

Yum - treasures! You must have had so much fun shopping for smallish things to tuck into your suitcase.

Like beaded flowers? Antique buttons? You have good taste.