Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doors to Paris

While in Paris, I found myself drawn to all the architectural elements of the buildings, from the windows to the doors, tilework and sculpted doorframes, stained glass and ironwork. I live, and have always lived, in an area where suburban homes are typically very similar. Over the last decades, home builders have installed the same standard home elements. In Paris, the long history of existing structures presents a lot of photo opportunities.
I loved the stained glass in and around this door:
Check out the detail in this door:
Wood. Simple. Perfect:
In a league of their own - the doors at Notre Dame. I loved the ironwork on them:


Sue Furrow said...

I love to make paintings of doors. I had a series going at one time-need to revisit that series. You have posted a beautiful group of doors and windows. I know you are having a wonderful time!!! Isn't it exhausting but the best. I'm green. Sue

loneweever said...

The world needs more painted wood doors.