Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pine and Main

I recently had the good fortune to come across a wonderful fellow Etsian, and I wanted to introduce you, too. Katie of PineandMain made a truly lovely treasury, and included one of my pieces of pottery. She then bought the piece, and replaced it with another one of my listings. Now she really had my attention! I don't know if this is typical of Etsy sellers, but when I sell something, I check out the customer's profile, feedback, favorites, and shop (if they have one) to find out as much about them as I can. Maybe I feel like it helps inspire me as I am deciding how to wrap their purchase, or to know what they might like for me to include as an extra little gift.
I was so charmed by the PineandMain shop. The selection is well-curated, and the pictures are fantastic. Everything looks like it belongs, and you get a real sense of place as you browse.
In her profile she lists her favorite materials as pottery, wood, and paper. Her shop has a great selection of each.
Katie opened up PineandMain in early August of this year, but she's already had a number of sales. She also runs a vintage toy and game shop.
After Katie received my little vase, she thanked me with a sweet little note and mentioned that she had included me in another treasury.
I feel like PineandMain embodies everything I love about Etsy - friendly communication, sellers as buyers, treasury curation, and the perfectly edited shops.
If you get a chance, stop by PineandMain and do a little browsing. You might just find something you need, and you might just get a glimpse of Etsy's finest.
Edited to add: The second treasury I mentioned just made it to the front page! Yay!

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