Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Harvest Sampling

Most of my first glaze firing was 266 clay, the dark brown clay that is one of my favorites. The oatmeal glaze went over it really nicely. Above, jugs and a handled wall pot. Below, the jugs again.
My kiln goddess. I painted her with blue and purple underglazes and wiped most of it off, letting it stay in the patterns I stamped on her. Most of the purple burned off, but the blue shows well.
Golden luster mugs.
Stamped handles.
Golden luster and oatmeal bowl.
Golden luster tumbler stamped with paisleys and an upsidedown wall pot in soda ash.
Paisley detail.
Turbulent indigo bowl.
Tiny turbulent indigo jar.
Lessons learned from the first glaze firing: I don't have to worry about the glazes running as much as I thought, so heavier application is possible, which will give me better color results. This is particularly true of the emeraude glaze, which you will notice is not featured here.


ThreeOldKeys said...

Beautiful!!!! I hate oatmeal but not here. The turbulent indigo is beautiful and has a great name.

The paisley stamps? WOW so cool.

Congratulations to you and your kiln goddess on your first complete cycle.

( everyeskimo ) said...

i think i liked the oatmeal glazed jug with they deep grey bottom the best. subtly toned... very smart.


NewDominionBlues said...

Thanky thanky! The little jug was a historical form, suggested by my brother, and it turned out quite well, I think. :)