Monday, September 6, 2010


Change is in the air. Do you feel it? Life will never be the same as it is right now. (Above, Welcome Change, papermoth. Below, vintage autumn bounty watercolor, paddyridge.) Moments are fleeting. (Autumn Drive, terryhuey.) Seasons change. (Change of Seasons stained glass panel, FleetingStillness.) Leaves turn; as does the hourglass. (Ship Hourglasses watercolor print, studiotuesday.) Time passes. (Vintage sundial bookends, TheWhiteMole.) Celestial bodies realign. (Vintage armillary sphere, sevenbc.)
The sun shifts in the sky. (Savannah Sundial, cybergirl5710.)
The hours tick by. (Crescent clock, twigsoup.)
Leaving us to ponder our existence. (Kafka beetle steampunk watch necklace, bluesealbluth.)
Experiencing the metamorphosis of life. (Metamorphosis Girl, PhotogenicGallery.)
Watch what emerges. (Metamorphosis, agnisflugen.)
Embrace the present, look forward to the future. It's all we can do.

1 comment:

threeolekeys said...

Sometimes Change is Good.

Sometimes I'd like to say "Just Keep the Change".

Either way, it's Turn, Turn, Turn.

Beautiful selections as always!!!