Friday, August 7, 2009

VivaTerra : VivaEtsy

I had so much fun blogging about getting the Sundance look by shopping on Etsy that I decided to do the same for another of my favorite companies: VivaTerra. VivaTerra's brand conjures natural materials, ecologically conscious and sustainable sources, and handcrafted artisanal work. Etsy shops are perfectly poised to replicate this look.
This set of 4 recycled wine glass tumblers is $65 (tall) or $49 (low) from VivaTerra.
YAVAglass sells these soda bottle glasses, set of 4, $24.
Bodhicitta has these wine bottle tumblers, set of four for $38.
Air plants are everywhere these days it seems. VivaTerra has an air plant garden complete with glass vase, river rocks and 4 air plants for $79.
A recycled glass terrarium with sand and 4 air plants from VivaTerra is also $79.
Kambra has this air plant sculpture, $17.
Pigeontoeceramics sells air plants like this one, and lovely ceramic pieces. This hybrid air plant is $2.50.
EnchantingGardens has this sea urchin air plant arrangement for $6.50.
Greenunderglass has this terrarium for $30.
I do love these porcelain pear shaped vases from VivaTerra, set of 3 for $69.
These pear bud vases by lisawbwalker are $28.
ToriTs handbuilt pear vases are fantastic at $11.
StudioElan (a fellow DesignStyleGuide member) makes these delightful pears - I must admit to having bought one already! $28 each.
VivaTerra's wooly night owl is $79.
Formydarling has this recycled felted wool owl for $15.
Oscar the owl is $10, by knittingmette.
Y0omii makes these sweet little knit owls, $14 each.
This bamboo computer mouse knocks me out. $39 at VivaTerra. While I did not find any wooden mouse accessories on Etsy, I did find a number of marriages between wood and computer accessories.
MatthewRonan has this driftwood USB stick for $70. Note the woodburned USB symbol!
Woodtec has this USB stick (literally) for $58.
tuvasdesign has this reclaimed teak USB stick for $34.99.
VivaTerra has really great stone knobs (above, set of 4 ,$75) and hooks (below, set of 3, $89).
SteppingStones has this set of stone knobs or drawer pulls for $40.
This coat rack by nativeelement has Michigan stones - $76.
Wylea has this beautiful stone knob for $12.95.
BourneDesigns has this set of 4 knobs, $40.
These papier mache birds from VivaTerra are quite charming. They're on sale - they were $49 each, they're now $39 each.
Middleburg has these white birds for $24.
I've been smitten by these birds by cottonbirddesigns for about a year now. Music paper bird (above) and crosswords paper bird (below), each $39.
This set of three concrete succulent planters is $79 at VivaTerra.
coughcoughchoke has this succulent planter with chalkboard circle for $21.
ErdeDesigns has this great windowsill planter, $28.
MyVintageAddiction has this succulent garden for $23.95.
monkeysalwayslook has succulents in a variety of charming vintage items, such as this plant in a ceramic creamer.
If, on the other hand, you have your own containers handy, you could just buy the plants and place them in your preferred vessel. TheSucculentGarden has these succulent cuttings for $2.50.
Aloe plant from SucculentsGalore, $5.50.
Chalk boards seem to be all the rage lately. Whether they're used for labeling the contents of a storage piece (as above, wall bins $89), or simply as useful wall decor perfect for keeping messages and notes to self (as below, vintage slate chalk board, $175).
This vintage frame with chalk board by mechanicalstag is $32.
Pinkpalmstudio has this chalk board flower pot, and sends it with a chalk board crate - the set is yours for $30.
Cottagerosedecor has this tool caddy with chalk board paint - storage, magnetic, and notes to self for $25!
Kelleystreetvintage has this 1890s double sided chalk board for $43.50.
bythewayside has this old school room double sided chalkboard, $5.
bouquet has this vintage children's chalk board with chalk tray, $36.
Perhaps you've noticed a few themes throughout this post. I find it interesting that so many of these threads - chalk boards, birds, easy-care plants, pears, stone and wood - are present in the photos of other items. VivaTerra's brand is well-communicated in their catalog and on their website, and happily, it's easily recreated in our homes when we support the artisans on Etsy.


monkeys always look said...

What an amazing selection of items. Thanks for including me!

knittingmette said...

What a wonderful idea to show all these beautiful etsy-items here! And you just made my day (Monday morning! LOL) showing Oscar, the Owl in such a nice collection!
Thanks a lot!

sheryan said...

Thanks so so much for featuring my owls ^___^ I'm so happy to have been one of the lucky people to be featured in your blog and I love your whole selection~~~ I blogged about you too on my blog ^^

Jaci said...

Wow, what cool items! Love the owls you've found, and the planters with air plants are gorgeous!
Thanks for featuring my chalk board!

StudioÉLAN said...

What a great post -you mined Etsy for some real gems! Thanks for including my Pear in your treasures...


Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Thanks for the mention of my chalkboard crate and pot set. What a beautiful post!


Tracy said...

Thanks a bunch! My stone knobs just sold..... I hope it was because of your blog!!!

NewDominionBlues said...

Thanks so much for the positive comments. I really thought everyone's items fit in with the theme perfectly, and they could not have told the story better. A number of them have sold, which I won't presume to take credit for, but speaks to their quality! :)