Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sundancing Through Etsy

I really love Robert Redford's Sundance catalog. The clothes, the shoes, the jewelry, the home decor... something about the style embodied in the catalog really speaks to me. Not only are the items packed with personality, the scenery and photography make me want to be a part this Sundance culture - American, rustic, free from the cares of an office job and ready to sling myself up onto a horse if called to do so. [And that's the true mission of a marketing campaign, is it not?] Of course it's usually fabulously expensive, and to the extent that I am in the market for clothes/shoes/jewelry and home decor, I tend to only make purchases if the items are on super clearance. So let's look at some of their current offerings and some more affordable (though no less cool) Etsy alternatives. Above, Sundance's Millfield Pillows. Originally $125 each, now $59.99 each. This sugar bag pillow by lesliejanson is only $15. And there's this money bag, also by lesliejanson, $22. Pelicanpieces has this cool pillow made of a farm feed sack - $25.
Sundance wire wall storage, $195.
Everyeskimo's metal locker basket, $29.
Lisabretrostyle2 has these locker baskets for $30 each. This black metal basket by sweetshorn is only $20.
Sundance steel chair, $245 each (less if bought in white or red, or in multiples). DailyMemorandum's industrial metal chair is a bargain $75. I think I must have this vintage machine age drafting swivel stool by swankarama, $55.
My mom calls these motel chairs. This set of turquoise vintage metal lawn chairs by CabinetWorks is $600 for the set of 3. This red chair makes me nostalgic - at oldcrowfarm for $45. IndustryLA has this industrial desk chair that has been reupholstered with a (bonus!) a grain sack. Sundance Honeybee print originally for (take a deep breath) $1,495, reduced to (take another deep breath) $1,200. triciamckellar has this 12x12 print of an insect, plans, diagrams and buttons - $95. This 8x10 Wisconsin Honeybee on canvas is $42, by lyoungstudio.
This 4x4 original collage painting by CrowBiz is $48.
This bumblebee print is $3.80. I think the owner of monstergallery must be crazy for pricing it so low.
Sundance flash cards, from (you've got to be kidding me) $150 to $225 (depending upon number of words). I bought a set of framed flash cards for my studio that proclaim "play time."
Oscar flash card by LittleBeachDesigns is $5.
List your favorite animals with these flashcards by myvintagewhimsy, $2.25.
I'm envisioning these flashcards arranged in all kinds of different ways - "running" and "shoes" would look great in a mudroom near a pair of sneakers' place of honor. Set of 30 by maddielisee, $3. Maybe you'd prefer phonics to words - if so, try these flashcards by SalvageNation, $35 for a set of 56.
Sundance C U P letters - was $595, now $295.
VintageEmbellishment invites us to THINK, in marquee letters. $65.
Or buy individual letters like this U from tandemstudios, $20. Fishlegs has vintage marquee letters, too, like this R for $16.
Sundance Wine bottle art, set of 3, $150.
Glassgaloregal has a slumped green bottle tray for $12.
I love this slumped vanilla extract bottle by luckygirltrading, $5. This beautiful Perrier bottle from Fritos314 is only $8.50. Great color and shape. $20 for this blue wine bottle is a steal compared to Sundance's prices for slumped bottles - HeartJCreations.


SalvageNation Vintage said...

I just had this discussion at an antique fair this past weekend. I found your blog doing a Sundance search and then found you had listed one of my items. Thank you very much. You have really featured some very nice etsy shops.

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

What a great post...ETSY RULES!! Thanks for such a wonderful demonstration as to why!

Oh...and thanks so much for including my locker baskets:D

everyeskimo said...

what a smart and delightful post. i also love sundance... and i think you've totally pinned it. it does seem so carefree. (but i think i need the office job to afford the "carefree" lifestyle items!)

how funny that i've been pining away for the wire storage from Sundance... and your very first alternative were my locker baskets! i think i forgot to appreciate what i already had.

thank you so much for a wonderful post, and including my little shop, and reminding me that sometimes things are good enough just as they are!


NewDominionBlues said...

SalvageNation - that is so darn funny. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one, and how funny is it that you stumbled onto my blog?!
Lisa'sRetroStyle - Thanks so much for your kind words, and I'm amazed you stumbled on me, too! Life has gotten in the way and I haven't been able to send out convos letting folks know I've "stolen" items from their shops.
EveryEskimo - I think you could lash three of those locker baskets together and accomplish something like their wall storage. Great points about appreciating what we've got... it's hard to remember when you see so many cool things, whether they're Sundance or coolio Etsy shops!

Lucky Girl said...

What a thrill to have one of my bottles compared to Sundance! I love your blog and will be back regularly to see what new things you discover.

loneweever said...

You work so hard to produce these wonderful posts ... thanks!!!!

Some thoughts:

the print by triciamkeller (spelled wrong?) has a tissue sewing pattern as part of the "plans". A big dart, and the grainline arrow, and the lengthening/shortening guide. Funny.

Fishlegs is one of my Trashion Team buddies.

All these pics make me want to visit all these vintage shops. And buy stuff. And, of course, re-evaluate the stuff I have, while looking at some of it in a new light.

Vintage Whimsy said...

Thanks so much for including my animal flash cards on your blog! You featured lots of other great items too!! What a great post! Thanks again.

Harriett Faulks said...

Of all the stuff offered, the blue wine bottle and the money bag caught my attention the most. Our family is fond of collecting vintage items, and I can say that these are all amazing finds. I wonder if the blue wine bottle is still available. I love seeing money bags, and I can’t help but imagine lots of money in there.

-Harriett Faulks