Monday, March 30, 2009

Potting Progress

Yesterday I brought home a bunch of glazed pots. In the interest of sharing my progress, here's my loot.
A stamped bowl in warm brown with a golden matte glaze.
A bowl with smokey brown and bermuda jade glaze.
A tall, wonky, striped tumbler with smokey brown and satin white glazes overlapping.
A striped honey pot.
A casserole dish and lid with handles. A small speck of clay must have broken off another piece in the kiln, and unfortunately embedded itself inside the dish.
A bowl with matching lid, glazed with black lapis and satin white - with the overlapping area a mottled sky blue.

In other news, the studio is progressing. Grouting the floor is a painstaking process, but it is looking really great. The shelves in the closet are painted, too. Several months of work will turn into decades of utility and enjoyment, though.

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