Friday, March 6, 2009

More Shelves

Tonight we fit the closet shelves together. We used the same design as the shelves in the room, except there aren't vertical boards in the middle. We routed the boards on each side so that we could fit each shelf into their slots. Each shelf is 50 inches wide, and all but the bottom one are 18 inches high (the bottom shelf is only 16 inches high).
I plan to use these shelves to let my pottery dry. There will be plenty of space, even vertically. There was a lot of pushing, kicking, and hammering to get the wood in place. Don't ask about the top shelf... I will only say that getting it all the way in involved ninja kicks and a ladder.
I plan to paint these shelves the same blue as the wall. Any thoughts on that would be welcome.
This is the other side of the closet. It's hard to tell with the dark lighting, but I painted the closet an almost electric blue - Benjamin Moore's Lapis. I painted the existing shelves as well. I wanted to leave the rods up so that I can continue to hang things. This is the type of shelf that was in the closet where the new shelves are, but I tore them out to make room for a full wall of shelves.

Note the large box of dog treats - some of the most important tools to getting the job done! The full slate tiles are down, and we've measured the tiles we need to cut. Hopefully this weekend we can continue to make some progress, cutting the tiles, and getting them mortared down so that we can grout and seal. And then, the real fun - moving the furniture and supplies back into the room - can begin.

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