Sunday, January 4, 2009

Progress Report

The carpet in the studio is GONE.
Here's one end of the closet:
Tearing the carpet out was easy - much easier than the steps before and after, which involved emptying the room and then tearing the carpet spike strips up and tearing the baseboards off the walls. I hate carpet spike strips. These nasty, meancing, evil things must have been invented by Satan himself.
On a happier note than evil stabby things, I've been doing some "window shopping" on Etsy for curtains for the room. I found another member of the Interior Design Team who has some designer fabric similar to what I have been envisioning. ArtisticLifestyling has this great fabric:
I also found a number of shops who offered these prints:
(My favorite)

Mom, you may be called in to help make curtains.
Finally, I want to show off these awesome ink and batik stamps I bought from ArtisticLifestyling. As the shop says, they will be great as a decorative display piece, and I can't wait to use them with clay, either.

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Anonymous said...

That's a lot of work you've done. And no human or dog injuries with all those tack strips? Impressive.

Curtains, yes. Puppets, no.