Thursday, January 15, 2009

Music Room

I thought I would post pictures of my music room. This room is presumably what most folks would turn into a formal living room, but we don't have much use for that. Instead, we made it a room where I could [theoretically] practice. Below is the area with the music stand and piano stool I have set up. The violin I play most often is leaning up against the wall. My cello is in the corner on the right, and my antique violin and mandolin are displayed on the wall.
Here are close ups of my great grandfather's violin and my mandolin. Note the great mother of pearl detail on the violin. The back of the mandolin is probably even more beautiful than the front; it is has stripes of red wood.
This is another corner of the room - the violin hanging here has an electric pick-up if I want to plug into an amp for a jam session. (It could happen!) I have also displayed my small peruvian chulucanas (pottery) collection and a piece of art with another chulucanas featured.
This is a shelf I inherited from a friend when she moved. I like the round bamboo platter with the stone vase echoing the curved shape, and the linear detail on the stoneware pitcher echoing the lines on the platter. Since I took this picture I have also added a conductor's baton to the shelf.
Stained glass hanging in the sunny window, and a small square mirror from my grandfather hung on point between the hanging instruments.
We have since changed the piece of art hanging above the bench, and also switched this bench out for an antique I found. But this framed print is an historic house near where my husband grew up, which is cool.
The walls are Benjamin Moore's Wethersfield Moss, a fantastic green. Like the dining room, someday we'll tear out the carpet and put in hardwood. I would love to have a large area rug with some of the autumn colors from the room, too. And maybe someday I'll be able to justify getting this handsome wooden music stand from the Monticello store. If it's good enough for Thomas Jefferson, it's good enough for me.


carol said...

I don't use all of my rooms as intended either. I love the idea of the music room and your instruments look so beautiful on the wall.

loneweever said...

Beautiful room ... that pic of the Thomas Jefferson music stand is missing one homey touch ... there are no dog tails or dog toys ...