Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fruit and Birds

Last week, inspired by the elements of style blog, I went to Target to check out their Home Design event. Over the last few years, I have tried to stay away from Target, since I have a hard time walking out of there without spending a lot of money, and I had sworn off their furniture as well. I'm an adult now, right? MDF dressers aren't cutting it anymore.
Anyway, even from the pictures I saw on the blog and on the Target website, I could tell there were a few things I liked. And as referenced on the blog, everything was 30% off. I walked out of there with some cool things that I might have spent a lot more on somewhere else. The green glass lamp with the leafy shade, some large wooden candlesticks, a long skinny wooden mirror, the twisted acacia wooden stool (similar to those I have coveted at Viva Terra), and the zebra pillow.
Even though I left feeling proud to have upheld our economy for another day or so, I was even more pleased to have noticed a few things that were similar to items I already have at home.
I saw these cool, old-timey fruit prints:
A few years ago I bought actual old fruit prints that had been taken out of a book, and framed them in floating frames. I like mine better!
I also saw these cute bird prints.
I was reminded of the bird print I bought from a local antique shop. They said it came out of a hotel that was redecorating.

I like to see when I'm ahead of the curve.

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