Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Grind

Time has been getting away from me lately. Far too much to do, not enough time. (Above, vintage telling time visual aid from ScottieinaCanoe, below, sadieolive's pair of alarm clocks.)
Retro clock from julesbrzez.
Vintage French wind up alarm clock from JoieDeCleve.
Vintage westclox clock, industrialrelic.
Vintage wall clock, havenvintage.
FunkyQuailVintage's blue wall clock.
Vintage electric clock from FreshEra.
Vintage electric alarm clock, compostthis.
Antique German clock, ClockworkUniverse.
Vintage wind up alarm clock, blackcatsupply.
I'm hoping to be able to catch a few more moments for the things I'd like to be doing with my time...


( everyeskimo ) said...

like firing up the kiln?
did you do that already? how'd it go?

NewDominionBlues said...

I did fit in a bisque firing recently, but I haven't done a second run or a glazing yet. The glazes are mixed and ready to go, though!